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About Us

About Us

We are a team of highly dedicated people aimed at making quality education available to the deserving. Kite is a name that has been chosen to describe our team in the shortest possible way. Other way round, Kite is an organisation, powered by enthusiastic educators, striving to provide education at the remotest of the places where quality education is a distant dream.

To be specific, we provide coaching to students from class IX-XII to develop their basics and prepare them to face the challenges of the competition age. To ensure that our teaching creates a lasting impression on the students’ minds, we use state-of the art audio-visual aids and other digital platforms to the maximum which creates a clear picture of concepts which are difficult to imagine. We specifically target all India level competitive exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET (formerly AIPMT), NEST (for NISER and UM-DAE) etc.

Our brief history

Kite was conceptualised in 2014 and finally brought into existence on 1st of November 2016. The first site of Kite, at Jayashree Chowk, Nimapada (Nimapara), was inaugurated on 14th of November, 2016, by Mr Manoj Das, Former Principal of JNV Puri. The motive behind starting our operations from Nimapada (Nimapara) was to provide access to quality coaching facilities to students of Nimapara and adjoining areas where such facilities were a distant dream.

Courses we provide

Kite intends to deliver customised education to each of the different categories of students. To meet the varied requirements, we offer different courses which can be chosen as per the need of the student(s). Our courses are divided primarily into two categories — Regular and Summer courses. Summer courses are designed specifically for boarding school (like JNV) students to cover 70-80% of courses during the summer vacation. And the regular courses are designed for students who can take supplementary education round-the-year beyond their regular classes. For details on our courses, please visit our courses page.


Technology being an integrated part of our organisation, computer based assessments are the primary medium of conducting examinations. This not only is a green initiative but also an initiative to familiarize the students with such systems. Familiarisation with the systems early will be helpful while appearing real examinations through such systems. Our examination system is accessible at kite.kinam.co/exams.

People Management

As with exam management, our people management too is managed on-line at kite.kinam.co/members. Student admission and career opportunities are all integrated into the system. Time table scheduling, result graphs and all student related data are accessible to the parents/guardians through the system.


Our greatest strength and the most invaluable resource are our faculty members. Graduates from premier institutes themselves, they are the best coach for getting you into one of such institutes. They are highly dedicated and focused. More details on our faculty is available here.


Visit our facebook page at facebook.com/kite.kinam.co.

Kite Booster

Kite Booster is a 2 month summer course designed for all classes to get a head-start for the forthcoming session. The course covers 80% course of the forthcoming session while emphasizing on understanding the basics of the topics. The course consists of 3hour classes (two subjects of 1:30hr each) daily and a weekly examination on Sunday.

Kite Achievers

Kite Achievers is a Scholarship Programme for top 5 students in each course. The programme offers 100% scholarship to the top ranked student in our entrance test and offers 90, 80, 70 and 60 percent scholarship to the succeeding rank holders.

Kite Basics

Kite Basics is a 2-year course for IX & X that aims to cover the basics of XI & XII. A student entering Class IX can get admitted into this course.

Kite Masters

Kite Masters is a 2-year course designed for XI & XII students to master the fundamentals required to stay ahead of the competition.